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Alicia France is an artist based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Her main field being portraiture, France uses her realist style to portray modern people in domestic environments and social settings with a strive to capture the essence of their character and personality within the chosen moment. The old adage 'every picture tells a story' manifests strongly within her etchings and paintings.

France's most recent work focuses on the naked portrait with strong inspiration from portraiture throughout art history referencing artists such as Titian and Vermeer. The subject's postures are of natural occurrence yet subtly echo the expressions of classical nudes. Her emphasis on detail can be seen within the flesh of the body and also within the surrounding elements of the painting which contribute to the individual's 'story'.

To find out more, you can read the artist's interview with Clare McNamara on the Jackson's Art website following her award for the Portrait/Figure category in the Jackson's Open Painting Prize.  

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